Leonard Daniel Wong of Toronto’s Grow Depot

June 1, 2019 Toronto’s Len Wong is a 16-year industry veteran in the areas of genetics research and development of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Len is the master grower and founder of Genetix Consulting, a cannabis consulting firm in Toronto, Ontario, as well as The Grow Depot.

Len Wong (who is also known as Leonard Wong or Lenny

Leonard Wong Toronto

Leonard Wong of Toronto. The Grow Depot

Wong) is devoted to the art and science behind the medical cannabis industry. He is passionate about creating a product that is not only useful, but ecologically sound all the way from seedling to market. Len has become a greenhouse specialist who spreads his commitment to organic gardening to his clients.

Len launched his career as a medical cannabis consultant under Health Canada’s Marijuana Access Regulations (MMAR) and now serves as a consultant for the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMP).

Over the years, Len Wong has focused his energies on breeding superior cannabis strains with remarkable phenotype’s. By improving his strain selection, he has excelled at cultivating high quality, craft-style cannabis. Len is familiar with the challenges of growing cannabis in the Canadian climate and has perfected mildew and pest-resistant strains unique to the region. These strains have allowed his clients to grow high-yield and high-quality medicine.

Len is the owner and founder of The Grow Depot in Toronto. Len established the store with the grower in mind, and his vast knowledge of organic gardening has guided customers with the product selection the store offers.

In addition to operating both companies, Len serves as an advisor for Cann Help Clinics, a medical clinic specializing in assessing patients for treatment with medical marijuana. Len consults with doctors to select the right genetic strains to best treat symptoms of the clinic’s patients.

Len Wong’s proven horticultural skills and sound business insight continue to make him an asset in the medical cannabis industry.

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