Media Release reaches over 6,000 Canadian Media Outlets and even more television, news, radio and industry professionals. Each month the regular Media Release Newsletter goes out to all subscribers and recipients by email. Information, topics, stories, articles, video and news is gathered and disseminated throughout our give and take exchange systems.

MediaRelease.ca is Canadian and MediaRelease.com is American and International news aggregators and disseminators.  What is a media release? Anything that is newsworthy, informational, educational or entertaining. A press release is one thing and a modern day Media Release is now set; a template that makes sense and pays dividends.

MONEY Media Kit

MONEY.CA and Money Magazine – Media Kit

What is it – A Media Release is defined by a great title, a sub-title that expands on the key words and essence of the story. 400 words says it all with up to 5 strategic links. Who – What – Where – When Why and a call to action. Include a photo or image and a short and direct video embed and you are done less the engagement report and real results and closed deals you can count on coming down the pipe. You get what you pay for; but you can pay less and get more. Double down on the service if you have got the money; especially if it good, true and proven.

What’s your story? Pay your money and Tell the world or your exact target market.


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