The message is the media is an established Canadian definition that has gone viral. MONEY takes the infamous saying one step further. “The Message is the Media Release”.

Whats in it, who is it for and how will it be received and perceived in the places it will be seen or shown.

Online – Print – Media – Video and even Television.

Whatever your message, business or social you need to get to your exact target market and shot gun blast market in around the usual suspects. Keep it simple; a great enticing title and subtitle that will make it worthy to read on and an image that engages and finally a well produced video embed that says it all; quickly and efficiently.

A press release is prepared long before the Media Release and all its attachments are ready for launch. What is your story? Where are all the modern day assets. Story, links, image and video are set to enthrall and engage.

Hit the button and get to over 6000+ Canadian Media Professionals through our exclusive widely accepted Newsletter. Your news and information first offered to those who can push further some, many or all news stories to another next level. Get online with in Canada or for North America and International service.

Our simple service and expertise focuses on press and media releases. Our own small network is just one arsenal of tools we have available. Our strength is in creative and our reach is even greater with direct partnerships with the top world class media organization that encourage us with easy, fast and cheap access to enormous and mainstream exposure.

Join us for all the right reasons.  The Message is the Media Release


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